MSORSM Area of Expertise - Life Members

No Area of expertise Name Specialization Organisation Email


1 Applied Mathematics Adem Kilicman (Prof. Dr.) Topology & Algebra UPM kilicman@upm.edu.my
2 Applied Mathematics Chuei Yee Chen (Dr) Calculus of variations - Existence and Regularity of Solutions to Variational Integrals UPM cychen@upm.edu.my
3 Applied Mathematics Lee Soo Lin (Mrs.) UCSI UniKL sylin_lee@yahoo.com
4 Applied Statistics Noor Akma Ibrahim (Assoc. Prof  Dr) Survival Analysis UPM nakma@putra.upm.edu.my
5 Applied Statistics Noraida Abdul Ghani (Assoc. Prof. Dr.) Facility Location Modelling, Stochastic Modelling, Risk Assessment, Forecasting, Design of Experiments, Applied Statistics USM noraida@usm.my
6 Applied Statistics Norshahida Shaadan (Dr) Performance Measurement, Data Envelopment Analysis UiTM shahida@tmsk.uitm.edu.my
7 Applied Statistics Sanizah Ahmad Robust Statistics, Survival Analysis, Statistical Modeling UiTM sanizah@tmsk.uitm.edu.my
8 Applied Statistics Siti Meriam Zahari (Dr) Statistical Outliers, Time Series Econometrics, Decision Analysis, Forecasting UiTM mariam@tmsk.uitm.edu.my
9 Applied Statistics Zuraidah Derasit Applied Statistics, Econometrics,Time Series Analysis UiTM zuraidah.derasit@tmsk.uitm.edu.my
10 Data Analytics Haliza Hasan Social Research, Predictive Analysis UiTM haliza@tmsk.uitm.edu.my
11 Decision Sciences Noor Asiah Ramli (Dr) Performance Measurement, Data Envelopment Analysis UiTM asiahramli@tmsk.uitm.edu.my
12 Decision Sciences Nor Aliza Ab Rahmin Healthcare Scheduling UPM aliza@upm.edu.my
13 Decision Sciences Norbaizura Kamaruddin Data Envelopment Analysis, Performance Evaluation, Quantitative Method UiTM norbaizura@tmsk.uitm.edu.my
14 Decision Sciences Zalina Zahid (Dr) Performance Assessment, Frontier Methodology. Project Management UiTM zalina@tmsk.uitm.edu.my
15 Financial Optimization Siti Aida Sheikh Hussin (Dr) Financial Mathematics, Stochastic Optimization, Operations Research UiTM sitiaida@tmsk.uitm.edu.my
16 Financial/Operations Research Ilias Mamat  (Prof. Dr) Simulation Modelling (Manufacturing), Quantitative Analysis (Finance & Investment), Fund Performance Evaluation, Benchmarking Sustainability Quest International University (QIUP), Perak driliasm@gmail.com
17 Financial/Risk Management Au Yong Hui Nee Financial/Risk Management, IT Applications, Occupational Safety and Health, Supply Chain Logistics UTAR auyonghn@utar.edu.my
18 Operations Management Khairiah Salleh (Ir) Engineering Asset Management, Operational Readiness Airport Transfer (ORAT) KLIA2, Airport System and Performance specifications MAB khairiah@malaysiaairports.com.my
19 Operations Management Muhammad Rozi Malim (Assoc. Prof. Dr.) Scheduling, Optimization, Metaheuristics, Operation Management, Operations Research UiTM rozi@tmsk.uitm.edu.my
20 Operations Management Siti Norezam Othman Sustainability in Service & Manufacturing, Technology Innovation and R&D, Sustainable Operations and Technology Management UUM norezam@uum.edu.my
21 Operations Management Wong Wai Peng
Operations Management, Logistics, Supply Chain and Operations Research USM wongwp75@gmail.com
22 Operations Management/IT Noorulsadiqin Azbiya Binti Yaacob (Dr) Service and Product Innovation, R&D and Innovation Management, ICT and Emergent Technology UUM sadiqin@uum.edu.my
23 Operations Research Adam Baharum  (Assoc. Prof.) Inventory, Maintenance Modelling USM adam@usm.my
24 Operations Research Faridah Abdul Halim Queuing Theory, Quantitative Modeling , Operations Research, Operation Management UiTM faridahh@tmsk.uitm.edu.my
25 Operations Research Lee Lai Soon (Assoc. Prof. Dr.) Heuristics & Metaheuristics for Combinatorial Optimization Problems. UPM lls@upm.edu.my
26 Operations Research Nur Aidya Hanum Aizam (Dr) Operations Research, Schedulling UMT aidya@umt.edu.my
27 Operations Research Ruzanita Mat Rani Simulation and Data Envelopment Analysis UiTM ruzanita@tmsk.uitm.edu.my
28 Operations Research S. Sarifah Radiah bt Shariff (Dr) Facility Location Modelling, Decision Analysis, Optimization ,Stochastics Modelling Analysis UiTM  radiah@tmsk.uitm.edu.my
29 Operations Research Syariza Abdul Rahman (Dr) Time Tabling & Scheduling, Metaheuristic & Evolutionary Computation, Optimization UUM syariza@uum.edu.my
30 Operations Research Zaitul Marlizawati Zainuddin (Dr) Operations Research, Heuristics Methods UTM zmarlizawati@utm.my
31 Operations Research Zulkifli Mohd Nopiah (Assoc. Prof.  Dr.) Risk Management, Linear and Goal Programming, Engineering Mathematics UKM zmn@ukm.edu.my
32 Optimization Adibah Shuib  (Assoc. Prof. Dr.) Optimization, Mathematical Programming models, Management Mathematics, Vehicle Routing Problems UiTM adibah253@salam.uitm.edu.my
33 Optimization Anwar Ali bin Vali Mohamed (Dr) Mathematical Optimization, Discrete Event Simulation, Data Integration The Optimization Expert  www.theoptimizationexpert.com anwar.ali.mohamed@gmail.com
34 Optimization Lam Weng Hoe (Dr) Portfolio Optimization, Multi-criteria Decision Making,  Data Envelopment Analysis, Goal Programming and Data Science UTAR whlam@utar.edu.my
35 Optimization Pa'ezah Hamzah (Assoc. Prof) Halal Supply Chain (Logistics Modelling), Multi-Criteria Decision Making, Inventory Control and Management, Optimization UiTM paezah@tmsk.uitm.edu.my
36 Optimization/Data Analytics Siti Shaliza Mohd Khairi Continuous Optimization, Data Mining UiTM shalizakhairi@tmsk.uitm.edu.my
37 Statistical computing Adnan Ahmad (Dr) Statistical Computing UiTM adnan@tmsk.uitm.edu.my
38 Statistical Computing Sayang Mohd Deni (Assoc. Prof. Dr.) Statistical Computing, Statistical Modeling UiTM sayang@tmsk.uitm.edu.my
35 Suppy Chain Modelling Mohd Nizam Ab Rahman
(Assoc. Prof. Dr.)
Manufacturing Optimisation - Lean Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management UKM mnizam@eng.ukm.my
40 System Dynamics Nanthakumar A/L Karuppiah (Mr) System Dynamics, Credit Scoring, Optimization INTI nanthakumar_k@hotmail.com
41 Total Quality Management Lim Kong Teong (Assoc. Prof. Dr.) Total Quality Management, Lean Manufacturing (JIT), Manufacturing Flexibility UUM ktlim@uum.edu.my